Environment friendly

It is our responsibility to work in the environment-friendly way as it has become an ever growing topic in the world we live in.

All fibre optic cable operations are being performed by us with using tools and methods that are absolutely safe to environment. By saying that, we consider processes such as:

  • mechanical – we use mechanical tools for cable stripping and cleaving also different tools for mounting distribution box
  • chemical – alcohol soaked pads are being used for cable cleaning before splicing
  • electrical – we operate with single mode splicer and OTDR equipment to perform fibre optic cable splicing and testing
  • electric discharge flicker splicing is always being done by electric discharge between two electrodes inside the equipment, so this process is closed and not visible for human eye, thus not causing epileptic seizures
  • acoustic – all equipment that is used by us doesn’t make any noise, so it is not affecting nearby personal
  • recycling – we utilise all waste (like small pieces of glass, used alcohol pads, and etc.) resulted from finished works in specialised containers